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Omnisend Review: The Ultimate Omnisend Guide for 2024

Welcome to the world of eCommerce, where staying ahead of the curve means having the best marketing tools in your arsenal. Enter Omnisend, the email and SMS marketing platform that can be your secret weapon for your marketing strategies. Whether you’re a scrappy startup or an established enterprise, this guide will walk you through Omnisend’s features, benefits, and insider tips to make your marketing tactics sparkle and your business soar. But first things first, what is Omnisend and do you need to spend your time on it?

What is Omnisend?

Picture this: a marketing automation platform made just for eCommerce businesses, packed with all the tools you need to supercharge your email and SMS marketing. That’s what Omnisend is used for! This platform is your new best friend, integrating seamlessly with big names like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. Omnisend makes creating engaging, personalized communication workflows a breeze, helping you connect with your customers on a whole new level. It’s like having a marketing team that never sleeps, automating the boring stuff and giving you the insights to focus on what you do best: being creative and strategic.

The History of Omnisend

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Omnisend’s journey started in 2014 when Rytis Lauris and Justas Kriukas decided it was time to shake up the eCommerce marketing world. They kicked things off with email marketing but soon realized that businesses needed more. So, they quickly expanded Omnisend into the multi-channel marketing powerhouse it is today.

From its humble beginnings, Omnisend has been on a mission to help eCommerce businesses grow with innovative marketing solutions. The platform’s continuous evolution reflects its dedication to meeting the ever-changing needs of digital marketers, ensuring they have the tools necessary to succeed in a competitive landscape.

Omnisend’s Pros and Cons

Before diving into the specific features of Omnisend, it’s essential to understand the overall advantages and disadvantages of using this platform. So, let’s get real about the good, the bad, and the things fitting right in the middle.  

Here’s a comprehensive look at the pros and cons:



Wallet-Friendly: Omnisend offers pricing plans that suit various business sizes.

Overactive Support: Users may receive numerous messages from customer support, which some find overwhelming.

User-Friendly: Setting up email and SMS automation is a piece of cake, making it easy to launch effective campaigns. 

Setup Time: Initial setup for contact lists and email campaigns can be a bit time-consuming.

Seamless Spotify Integration: It works nicely with Shopify and only charges for active subscribers, keeping it cost-effective.

Limited Customization: Some users feel the customization options for sign-up forms are not sufficient.

All-in-One Engagement: Combines web push notifications, email, and SMS for a unified customer engagement strategy. 

Sync Issues: The mobile and desktop versions occasionally don’t sync well, needing a refresh. 

Sales Boosters: Great tools for recovering abandoned carts and cross-selling, increasing sales opportunities.

Template Limitations: Some of the available templates might not suit all businesses, requiring extra design work.

Key Features of Omnisend

Omnisend offers a suite of powerful features designed to elevate your eCommerce marketing strategy. From automating your emails to sending out perfectly timed SMS messages, Omnisend has your back. Let’s dive into some of the standout features that will help you elevate your eCommerce game and keep your customers coming back for more.

1.Email Marketing Automation

Say goodbye to manual email drudgery! Omnisend’s email marketing automation lets you set up smart workflows triggered by customer actions, like cart abandonment, product purchases, or even just a casual browse. Imagine your emails being as timely and relevant as a friend’s text—now that’s engagement! With a drag-and-drop editor that’s so easy to use, even your tech-averse uncle could design a killer email. Plus, personalization features allow you to tailor content to individual customer preferences and behaviors, making your emails feel like they were written just for them.

Omnisend’s email marketing automation lets you set up smart workflows triggered by customer actions, like cart abandonment, product purchases, or even just a casual browse. Imagine your emails being as timely and relevant as a friend’s text—now that’s engagement! The platform’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to design professional-looking emails without any coding skills. Plus, personalization features allow you to tailor content to individual customer preferences and behaviors, making your emails feel like they were written just for them. 

2.SMS Marketing

Texting isn’t just for friends anymore. Omnisend’s SMS marketing feature reaches your customers right on their phones, perfect for those “act now!” moments. Whether it’s a flash sale, an order update, or a personalized offer, SMS messages cut through the noise. With automation capabilities, businesses can send SMS messages based on customer actions or specific triggers, ensuring that the communication is relevant and timely. Moreover, the ability to integrate SMS with email campaigns also helps create a cohesive and multi-channel marketing strategy.

3.Push Notifications

Who doesn’t love a good nudge? Push notifications are a fantastic way to re-engage customers who have opted in for updates. Omnisend lets you send targeted push notifications that can drive traffic back to your site, inform customers about special deals, or keep them in the loop with important news. These notifications can be automated and personalized based on customer behavior, ensuring that the messages are relevant and increase the likelihood of engagement.

4.Segmentation and Targeting

One size fits none. One of Omnisend’s most powerful features is its advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities. Businesses can segment their audience based on various criteria such as purchase history, browsing behavior, and engagement levels. This allows you to deliver super-targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to each segment of your audience. Better targeting means higher open and click-through rates and a customer experience that feels personal and meaningful.

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend offers a range of pricing plans designed to cater to businesses of various sizes and needs. Each plan provides a different set of features and benefits, allowing businesses to choose the one that best fits their marketing strategy and budget. Here’s an Omnisend review of pricing plans:

Free Plan: Includes

The Free Plan is your entry ticket to the world of email and SMS marketing. It’s perfect for small businesses or those just dipping their toes in the marketing waters. 


    • Email Campaigns: Send up to 500 emails per month to 250 contacts.

    • Sign-Up Forms: Grow your subscriber list with customizable forms.

    • Basic Segmentation: Start segmenting your audience with basic criteria.

    • Campaign Reports: Track your campaigns with basic analytics.


  • Limited to 500 emails per month.
  • Basic segmentation and reporting capabilities.

Who Might Benefit:

  • Small businesses or startups with a limited budget.
  • Businesses looking to test the waters of email marketing without financial commitment.

Standard Plan: Includes

The Standard Plan is designed for businesses that need more advanced features and greater email capacity. This plan offers additional tools to enhance your marketing efforts.

  • Email Campaigns: Send up to 12,000 emails per month.
  • SMS Campaigns: Access to SMS marketing with a monthly allowance based on the plan.
  • Advanced Segmentation: More detailed audience segmentation options.
  • Automation: Create and manage automated workflows for email and SMS.
  • A/B Testing: Test different versions of your emails to see what performs best.
  • 24/7 Support: Access to customer support around the clock.

Additional Benefits Over the Free Plan:

  • Higher email sending limits.
  • Inclusion of SMS marketing.
  • Advanced segmentation and automation features.
  • A/B testing capabilities.

Who Might Benefit:

  • Medium-sized businesses looking to scale their marketing efforts.
  • Companies that need more advanced segmentation and automation tools.

Talk to an Omnisend Expert

Import and Segment Contacts

  1. Import Contacts: Go to “Contacts” and click on “Import Contacts”.
  2. Upload File: Upload your contact list file (CSV or Excel) and map the fields correctly.
  3. Create Segments: Use the segmentation tool to create groups based on criteria such as purchase history or engagement level.

Customize Email Templates and Designs

  1. Access Templates: Go to the “Templates” section.
  2. Choose or Create a Template: Select from pre-designed templates or create your own.
  3. Customize Design: Use the editor to add your branding elements, colors, and custom content.
  4. Save Template: Save your customized template for future use in campaigns.

Set Up SMS and Push Notifications

  1. Configure SMS: Navigate to the “SMS” section and set up your SMS sender ID and messaging settings.
  2. Create Push Notifications: Go to the “Push Notifications” section, enable notifications, and customize your messages.

Launch Your Campaigns

  1. Schedule Campaign: After creating your email, SMS, or push notification campaign, choose the “Schedule” option.
  2. Select Date and Time: Pick the optimal date and time for your campaign to go live.
  3. Launch Campaign: Click “Launch” to send your campaign to your audience.

Analyze Your Campaign Performance

  1. Access Analytics: Go to the “Reports” section to view detailed analytics and reports.
  2. Review Metrics: Analyze key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  3. Generate Reports: Generate comprehensive reports to evaluate the success of your campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

Partnering with Enflow Digital for Omnisend Success

Enflow Digital is a certified Omnisend partner, specializing in helping eCommerce businesses maximize their email and SMS marketing potential. With a deep understanding of Omnisend’s powerful features and a track record of proven results, Enflow Digital stands out as a trusted partner for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies.
As an email marketing agency, Enflow Digital has driven significant growth for numerous eCommerce businesses through optimized marketing campaigns. Their data-driven approach ensures efficient and impactful marketing, increasing customer retention and sales.

Why Choose Enflow Digital?

  • Certified Omnisend Partner: Recognized for their expertise in Omnisend.
  • Strategic Insights: Provides tailored recommendations to drive growth.
  • Dedicated Support: Offers continuous support from setup to execution.

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Omnisend offers robust and flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes to enhance their email and SMS marketing strategies. Whether you are a small business just starting out or a growing enterprise looking to optimize your marketing efforts, Omnisend provides the tools and support you need to succeed. Partnering with Enflow Digital can further amplify your results, leveraging their expertise to maximize the potential of Omnisend’s platform.


FAQ Section
Is Omnisend suitable for small businesses?
Yes, Omnisend is highly suitable for small businesses. It offers a free plan with essential features to get started, making it accessible for businesses with limited budgets. As your business grows, you can upgrade to more advanced plans that offer additional capabilities and higher sending limits.
What types of campaigns can I create with Omnisend?
With Omnisend, you can create a variety of campaigns including email newsletters, promotional offers, automated workflows such as welcome series and cart abandonment reminders, SMS campaigns, and push notifications. This flexibility allows you to engage with your customers through multiple channels effectively.
Is it possible to integrate Omnisend with my existing e-commerce platform?
Absolutely. Omnisend integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. This integration ensures that your customer data is synchronized, allowing for more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.
How do I migrate my existing email marketing campaigns to Omnisend?
Migrating your existing email marketing campaigns to Omnisend is straightforward. You can import your contact lists, email templates, and campaign data directly into Omnisend. The platform provides detailed guides and customer support to help you through the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition.

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